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The day after I ascended Ringstindane, I was very lucky to have one more beautiful skiing day in Hurrungane (Jotunheimen). It's very rare that the sun shines from a cloudless sky several days in a row in these western mountains of Norway.

Stølsmaradalstind is the southern most 2000-meter peak in Hurrungane. From the north-west it looks like a pyramid, rising steeply from the glacier below (see picture). The summit is easy to reach on skis in the spring, via the south ridge. But it's quite far away from any trailheads, so expect 7-9 hours at least to scale the mountain and return to trailhead. The approach from Ringsdalen demands a glacier walk, hence the necessary precautions should be taken. Alternatively one can start at Murane on the road between Årdal and Turtagrø, to avoid the glacier. But he most scenic approach is via the glacier, as you can see in the album photos.

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