The Trilogy of Lægdekulen

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Lægdekulen (1433m) is a fairly straightforward mountain above Flo in Stryn. Still it took me 3 attempts to finally reach the summit.

1st attempt

Date: 26-Feb-2010
It was winter, the weather was poor and my desired route up the west face of Pikehyrna was simply too dangerous. I aborted halfway up the face, when battling the waist deep snow in a steep incline. The avalanche danger was simply too high as one can see from the photo below.

2nd attempt

Date: 03-Aug-2010
It was summer, but again the weather was poor. When I arrived the summit of Oppigardshyrna (1410m) the visibility was close to zero. Thus I decided to turn around here, instead of searching in blindness for the summit of Lægdekulen (1433m) further east/south. See map below.
Oppigardshyrna at EveryTrail

3rd attempt

Date: 05-Aug-2010
Only three days later, good weather and finally success! See the map and photos below.
Lægdekulen at EveryTrail

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