Pisang Peak

Disappointed after the unsuccessful attempt on Cho Oyo, I decided to hastily organize my own small "expedition" to Pisang Peak (6091m) as soon as I got back to Kathmandu.

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Cho Oyu 2007 Expedition

I recently arrived back to Kathmandu after the Cho Oyu Expedition. I did not summit because of difficult weather, but climbed at least to 7400m.

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Eidskyrkja (1482m), also called Kyrkjefjellet, is a huge mountain that easily can be seen from the road between Stryn and Nordfjordeid. I did it on a beautiful summerday in August.

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Nadelgrat traverse

The Nadelgrat is one of the classic ridge traverses in the Alps (grade AD-). Unfortunately it was too late in the summer to include Durrenhorn as well, because of dangerously little snow in the coloir to Durrenjoch.

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Dom was my first 4000 meter peak in 2007. It's the highest mountain entirely within Switzerland and the gain of elevation is 3200 meters, thus one of the most demanding ascents in the Alps.

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