Philippines: Mount Pulag

Mount Pulag is the third highest mountain in the Philippines (2922m) and Luzon’s highest peak. The landscapes of Pulag and the Cordilleras are truly amazing, but the hike to this mountain is way too overcrowded....

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Philippines: Mount Kanlaon

Kanlaon (2435m) is the highest active volcano in the Philippines, and since we were not far away, we decided to go for it. Better than a beach holiday for sure, especially at xmas time when all the beaches are overcrowded....

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Indonesia: Yogyakarta

A short train journey from Solo brought us to Yogyakarta, the number one tourist destination on Java. World class sights, excellent food and a cultural interesting city.

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Indonesia: Gunung Lawu

Towering Gunung Lawu (3265m), lying on the border of Central and East Java, is one of the holiest mountains in Java.

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Jordan: Jabal Umm ad Dami

The highest peak in Jordan is not Jabal Ram, but the far more remote Jabal Umm ad Dami (1854m) on the border with Saudi Arabia. Fortunately I was aware of that controversy before I arrived in Jordan.

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Tverrådalskyrkja (2088m) is the highest "church mountain" in Norway. The long approach from Sota Sæter makes it a fairly long day-hike, especially if one include all three 2000m peaks along the ridge.

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The Trilogy of Lægdekulen

Lægdekulen (1433m) is a fairly straightforward mountain above Flo in Stryn. Still it took me 3 attempts to finally reach the summit.

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