Bali and Gunung Agung

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Bali is certainly more than beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife. Bali also offer stunning sceneries with several volcanoes rising high above the lush green landscape and endless rice fields. In addition there are spectacular temples built on steep cliffs, and last but not least, Bali has a lot of art and culture to explore.

After two months of trekking and climbing in Nepal, I arrived Bali at my birthday 5.May 2001.

Bali has for centuries been subject to many cultural influences such as Indian, Chinese, Hindu, Buddhist, Javanese and also western. The richness of creative arts and crafts is the evidence of the melting culture and traditions. The city of Ubud is the center of arts in Bali.

No visit to Bali can be called complete without witnessing at least one performance of the spectacular mix of grace and spirit, passion and power that is Balinese dance. Whether it is the delicate beauty of the Legong dance, where angelic young girls move with breathtaking grace to the silvery tones of a gamelan orchestra, or the uncanny magic of the Calonarang drama where the evil witch Rangda does battle with the legendary Barong and his legion of dagger-wielding followers.

Bali is a true paradise with all the white beaches nestled around the coast. After the strenuous walking and climbing in Nepal, I found it very relaxing to spend some days on the beach just doing nothing. Fit for fight again, I started to explore Bali. I rented a motorbike and traveled in the remote parts of Bali. I will never forget the lush green landscape and the spectacular view of the volcanoes in the distance. I was tempted to climb the highest one, Gunung Agung (3.142m). I finally did, but only the false summit on the southern rim. The most beautiful sunrise I have ever experienced....

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