Smørstabbtind to Loftet

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It took me more than 10 hours to complete all the six summits on the ridge from Store Smørstabbtind (2.208 m) to Loftet (2.170 m) in Jotunheimen. Been there done that.....

This is a rather long ridge-traverse of 6 summits in Jotunheimen. The trailhead is at Krossbu, Sognefjellet, and count at least 10 hours to return to this point. Because of the lenght of the walk, this round trip is only recommended for fit people. Following summits are included:

-Store Smørstabbtind (2208m)
-Storbreatind (2018m)
-Veslebretinden (2092m)
-Skagsnebb V2 (2060m)
-Veslefjelltinden (2157m)
-Loftet (2170m)

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