Where is the volcano?

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I was about to climb Volcan Villarrica (2840m) in Lake District of Chile today, but it was unfortunately hidden in clouds this morning, and even worse, it was raining heavily up there.

I arrived the small town of Villarrica yesterday morning. Here I have stayed at LA TORRE SUIZA, a popular hostel run by a swiss couple who cycled around the world a few years ago. But somehow they lost motivation to continue after Villarrica (and more than 30.000 km) and decided to settle down here.

The hostel is a favourite among long distance bikers, and presently four cyclists stay there. One couple from USA, who have cycled all the way from California and eventually will end up somewhere in Patagonia. The second couple are from Switzerland and have cycled from Patagonia and will continue all the way to Equador. It's interesting to listen to their stories and study road maps. Maybe I envy them a little bit too......

But my holiday is about mountaineering and not bicycling. My plan to climb Villarrica, however, was canceled today due to bad weather. Instead I ended up walking in the very touristed, over-developed and artificial town of Pucon, which I definately don't like very much. Then it's much better to stay in the less hyped town of Villarrica. Accomodation is much cheaper too....

I just hope the weather will be better tomorrow, so I can finnish this volcano and continue to my next destination in Lake District. Wait and see....

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