Far north in Vietnam

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The further north in Vietnam I travel, the more beautiful it gets, with green rice fields in a mountainous landscape. But it also gets substantial colder in the far north (brrr).

From Hoi An I traveled to Hue, where I arrived after only 4-5 hours on a bus. What a medieval feeling I got in Hue, mainly when wandering around in the Citadel but also when in the numerous tombs along the Perfume River.

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After two nights in Hue, I felt I had seen enough of this city, and continued on the night-train to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Hanoi is smaller than Saigon, but not less interesting. I picked up a lot of history when visiting the museums of Hanoi. I even watched the corpse of Ho Chi Minh, the great leader and hero of Vietnam who died in 1969.

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Unfortunately I had to limit my stay in Hanoi to one night, because I had mis-calculated number of available days in Vietnam. I still don't understand how I could plan to do Sapa, Fansipan and Halong Bay with so few days left. Even if I shorten my stay in Hanoi by one day, I will still not get time to see Halong Bay. At least I will have time to see Sapa and climb Fansipan in the next few days.

I arrived Sapa this morning, with the night-train from Hanoi, followed by a one hour scenic drive in a minibus. I have spent the whole day sightseeing in and around Sapa. Tomorrow I will start the hike to Fansipan (3143m), which will take me 2 days and 1 night rest at 2800m elevation. Here in Sapa at 1500m elevation, it was reported 6 degrees this morning. It will surely get colder up there on Fansipan, the highest mountain in Vietnam.

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