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Tverrådalskyrkja (2088m) is the highest "church mountain" in Norway. The long approach from Sota Sæter makes it a fairly long day-hike, especially if one include all three 2000m peaks along the ridge.

It took quite a while to reach Fortundalsbreen (glacier) from Sota Sæter, but the trail is good all the way. The trail ends (of course) at the foot of the glacier. I walked only 200 meters or so on the glacier (crisp surface, so no need for crampons), before I headed up the non-technical east ridge of Tverrådalskyrkja (2088m). After I reached the main summit, I continued south on the narrow and partly exposed ridge to Søre Tverrådalskyrkja (2034m). From there it is easy hiking to the most southern peak Steinkollen (2018m). Unfortunately I had to switch off my iPhone here in order to conserve battery, so the route drawing below don't include my return hike.

From Steinkollen I retraced my steps for a while before I started to descend the west flank of Tverrådalskyrkja towards Austre Kollebreen. This route is quite dangerous though, because of all the loose big rocks. I also had to cross some wet slabs and even some steep snow gullies, where I had to put on my crampons. I thought this would be a shortcut, but its probably much faster to just retrace the same route, even though one have to re-climb Tverrådalskyrkja.

Once down at the glacial lake below Austra Kollebreen, the terrain gets more easy going and further down (in Tverrådalen) I found the trail going back to Sota Sæter.

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