Kyrkjenibba and Steindalsegga

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The topographic prominence of Steindalsegga (1356m) had been set to less than 100 meters in a Norwegian database of peaks (peakbook.org), so I decided to go up and check it myself.

I assume that the prominence had been set theoretically by interpreting the topographic map of Statens Kartverk (Norwegian Mapping Authority). But since the map is not that accurate, it meant that Steindalsegga was a good candidate to deserve a 100m rank in terms of prominence.

I brought my Garmin eTrex which is very accurate also in terms of elevation (+/- 2m). First I summited Kyrkjenibba (1400m), which I have bagged maybe 20-30 times during my life. Then I started on the traverse towards Steindalsegga, a peak I've never visited before. I measured the key saddle between Kyrkjenibba and Steindalsegga to be 1249m in elevation. The summit of Steindalsegga I measured to be 1355 meters. On my way down, I made another measurement of the saddle and then it showed 1250m (more or less the same as the first measurement). Thus, the prominence in the two measurements showed 106m and 105m, in both cases well above 100 meters, which is the criterion to be part of the municipal peaklist of Stryn.

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