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Mount Hibok-Hibok (1332m) is not the highest peak on Camiguin Island, but it's definitely the most popular. After the hike don't forget to take a bath in the hot spring pools.

Summit log:

22-Jan-2013: Mt Hibok-Hibok 1332 m (prominence 700 m)


Lyngve Skrede - Norway
Emily Homillano - Philippines

Getting there:

It's easiest to get to Camiguin Island by flying into Cagayan de Oro, and from there take a fast craft directly to the island. It's slightly cheaper (but more time consuming) to take the bus from Cagayan de Oro to Balingoan, from where there are frequent ferries to Camiguin. Arriving Camiguin Island you first have to take a multi cab or jeepney to Mambajao (permit can be obtained here), then a motorcycle taxi to Ardent Hot Spring where the trailhead is located. I recommend staying a night or two in Ardent Hot Springs, the hot pools are amazing.

Red tape:

A permit is required to hike this mountain. You need to apply at the DENR office in Mambajao. The application process will normally take less than one hour at the office. The permit cost 200 pesos per person and is good for 3 days. The permit is also valid for any other peaks on Camiguin Island. It's required to hire a local guide, but please be aware that the guides are 3 times more expensive than elsewhere in the Philippines. I have no idea why 1200-1500 pesos per day is the going rate in Camiguin. There is no checkpoint at Ardent Hot Springs, hence it's possible to sneak in without a local guide (like we did!!).

Route description:

From Ardent Hot Spring it's only 4 km to the summit, and the gain of elevation is approx 1100m. Initially we had some problems finding the correct trail through some coconut farms, but after that it was really straightforward.

Link to my GPS-track at EveryTrail (also possible to download)

Notes from the trip:

Emily has written a trip-report on her website. Thus I don't waste any further time to write my own personal account from this hike. A couple of days later I climbed Mount Timpoong, the highest peak on Camiguin Island, on the same permit.

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