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Cancun was not part of our original plan. But I had to go there to pick up my new passport, so why not enjoy the perfect white beach on the Caribbean coastline.

We did like most Mexican tourists do when they go to Cancun, we stayed in the city instead of wasting all our hard earned bucks in the Zona Hotelera on the beach. During daytime we headed to Zona Hotelera to see how the American, European and Russian tourists spend their short time holiday on the beach.

By Mexican law, all the beaches are public. The only problem is that in many cases you must cross private property to get there. It's such a shame that the long chain of resort hotels in Cancun are blocking access to the beach. According to Lonely Planet, you need to walk through the lobby of one of the hotels, pretend to be a guest, before you get to the beach. Worth a try! We approached one of the hotels, but the suspicious security guard stopped us. He denied us further access because we were not guests of the hotel. We decided to make another try in another hotel. This time we had better luck. We went straight through the lobby of the luxurious Westin Hotel, nose in the sky, and finally we could take our first steps in the white sand.

The long beach is as spectacular as I've seen on some photos. The turquoise water of the Caribbean coastline meets the perfect white sand beach and creates an heaven for sunbathers. We enjoyed taking a swim and a long walk along the beach, despite of all the tall rise buildings and concrete. We even decided to have our lunch there, not the cheap one, but at least it came with a free shot of tequila.

Later we went back to the city, where I picked up my brand new passport at the Norwegian Consulate. I was not paperless anymore. The overland journey through Central America could continue. Next morning we continue by bus to Tulum, which is a unique combination of beach and Maya ruins.

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