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After 2-3 weeks of higher altitudes in the Alps, I had a lot of energy to consume in the less high mountains in Norway. Me and my brother decided to traverse the 3 summits of Torfinnstindane on his 30th birthday. We also brought some liquids to celebrate later in the evening.....

Torfinnstindane is a very popular ridge traverse in Jotunheimen, Norway. The mountain consists of three summits (Eastern, Central and Western summit). Normal route is exposed but not difficult.

Getting there

It's approx 250 km by car/bus from Oslo to Lake Bygdin. From there you can either walk for 3 hours to the hut Torfinnsbu or take the boat.
Notice! The boat only have 2 departures a day, and it's only in service from July to early September.

Route east to west: (II+)

Start at Torfinnsbu. Easy scrambling up to Eastern Torfinnstind (I-II). Continue to Central Torfinnstind starting with a rappel (II+), then easy scrambling directly up (II). From Central summit there is 3 rappels. The first one 25 meters (IV), the second one 15 meters (II) and the third one 25 meters (III). Then easy scrambling up to Westeren summit (II). From there its easy going all way down again to lake Bygdin. (I have added climbing grade in brackets to inform about the difficulties to climb it up again)

See the related photos from our climb.

Route west to east: (IV)

In the opposite direction. Requires climbing up to grade IV (one section). See description above.

Photo Album

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