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Beautiful weather, perfect skiing conditions and three remarkable summits to be ascended in the western part of Norway. This weekend turned out be be one of my finest skiing adventures in the mountainrange of Jotunheimen....

Ringstindane have become a very popular weekend destination for mountain skiers in the spring and early summer. There is no "lazy way" to the summit (ski lifts), so I had to carry all the equipment to the top, before I could enjoy the 1000 meters drop with pure downhill skiing. It's normally safe to move unroped on the glacier until the end of May, but the conditions varies a lot from year to year, so one have take the necessary precautions. Some parts of the glacier are heavily crevassed, so one should keep well away from those areas. Please ask the nearby Turtagrø Hotel for advice !!!

Ringstindane are actually 3 independent summits, all of them rising more than 2000 meters above sea level. Most of the people only aim for the highest peak, Store Ringstind. However there is an increasing number of skiers that takes all 3 summits in one day. It's even possible to include some of the neighboring peaks like Stølsmaradalstind but that will probably take more than 12 hours to complete. I was more than satisfied with 3 peaks in one day, resulting in 10 hours.

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