Into Cambodia

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After Koh Chang i continued to the border to Cambodia. before I crossed the border into Cambodia. The border crossing went rather smoth, and I eventually ended up in Koh Kong.

Now I've arrived Sihanoukville after a rather boring bus-trip from Koh Kong. Sihanoukville is the most touristy beach in Cambodia, and not exactly what I'm looking for. That's why I'm only going to spend two nights here, and move on to Phnom Penh already tomorrow.

Most itineraries head to Siem Reap (Angkor Wat) from here, so I will certainly end up at those famous temples next week. In the mean time I will try to find a feasible route through the jungle and to the top of Mount Aural (1813m), the highest mountain/hill in Cambodia. It's not only land-mines to worry about, but also tigers and mosquitos (malaria). But most of all, there are hardly any information at all about Mount Aural on the net, so I even don't know where to start....

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