Sinulog Festival in Maasin

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The annual Sinulog Festival in Cebu City is one of the biggest events in Philippines. But how would it be to celebrate it in Maasin City?

My girlfriend was in Cebu City with her friends and she complained about the terrible crowds at Sinulog, hence they hardly saw anything during the big parade. I however, was in Maasin City and there were almost no crowds at all. That gave me plenty of space to take photos of the parade and its people.

The festival in Maasin is actually named Sakay-sakay (eventhough it's common to say Sinulog here as well). It's held in January every year in honor of Senor Sto. Nino just like how the Cebuano's celebrate their Sinulog Festival.

Let the photos below tell the story!

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  1. Hey Lyngve - all quiet on the Distantpeak front!! Any new climbs planned? I'm booked for Aug 8th Baltoro/Gondogor La Trek (pass: 5,940 m) - wanna join?? Lol. Should be staggering scenery wise - takes in K2 basecamp. Leaving Sydney early July for Laos first then heading across Africa after Pakistan. Hope to be in Norway Jan or Feb. Cheers, Terry.

  2. Lucky man :-). I will be working in Norway until late August or so. Working my ass off, so need a long break again soon :-). I'm leaving Norway in autumn, destinations and targets not decided yet. Only thing I know is that the upcoming journey will have to last a year minimum :-)

    What's your plans in Africa?

  3. Well I've only planned up until I get to Ethiopia in early September(Pakistan-Oman-Ethiopia) and from there I'll play it by ear! I know there are a number of African countries I want to see but I want the trip to be more spontaneous than tightly organised. And the countries I would like to see have no visa or visa on arrival which will make it easier to make it up as I go along.

    I also hope to be on the road for about a year! Perhaps we'll cross paths somewhere on our journeys!

    At least your upcoming travel plans make working your ass off more bearable :-)

    Hope you enjoyed your National Day!!

  4. Maybe we can join forces on Ras Dejen (highest mountain in Etiopia) in september then?

  5. That sounds like a plan! I wanted to go to Gondar and the Simian Mtns anyway and Ras Dejen is right there! (And within 150kms is the lowest point in Ethiopia - the Danakil Depression!!) If you really are going to be in Ethiopia in September stay in touch and we can organise dates/times a bit later! At the moment it looks like I should get to Addis Ababa around Sept 6th and I'm giving myself around 3 weeks there.
    (I'll send you my regular email to your blog email.)

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