Skruven and Litleskruven

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Skruven (1584m) is not as famous or prominent as many of the other mountains at Sunnmøre, but it's certainly the most interesting climb around Hellesylt.

A friend of mine drove me from Stryn to Hellesylt, where we continued on a dirt road into Moldskreddalen Valley. The dirt road is passable for any car as long as there is no snow on the road, which basically means summer and autumn. The huge avalanches in this valley means that the road mostly is blocked/closed during the rest of the year (winter and spring).

At the end of the dirt road, I said goodbye to my friend, who had to return to work in Stryn. First I started to hike along a good trail. But the trail was obviously heading somewhere else, so I soon left it to find my own route directly up the east ridge of Hesten. A few places I had to fight my way through dense vegetation, but as soon as I was above the tree-line and the steepest part of the ridge, it was a pleasant walk along the ridge to Hesten (1158m). I immediately continued to Litleskruven (1548m), the last part on a steep and narrow ridge which from a distance looks quite worrying without a rope. But it turned out to be an easy scramble and not exposed at all.

From Litleskruven it was just easy scrambling to the main objective of the day, Skruven (1584m). I considered to make a fast descent on the glacier (east), but I was not sure how steep or icy it would be in the lower part. I had not brought my crampons, so I decided against it. Instead I returned by the same route, which also offer much better views. I had not arranged for anyone to pick me up in Moldskreddalen Valley, so I had to walk all the way back to Hellesylt. That added another 7-8 km to a fairly long day in the mountains, in total 20 km on foot.

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